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P/N: 0750130-3AWL

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USD 225.00

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Eligible Serial Numbers:

C-180 32151 Thru 32999

C-180 50001 Thru 51312

C-182 33000 Thru 34999

C-182 51001 Thru 53007

C-182 18253008 -18255058

SALES NOTES: It his highly not economically practical to build a exhaust system useing this collector setup. The cost of the 6 risers, 2 collectors, and 12 Clamps exceeds the cost of the entire conversion kit. It is Strongly Recommended that STC SA00780NY Exhaust Kit be installed if more than one component is to be replaced in the exhaust or if the aircraft is going to receive a engine performance upgrade in the future.