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P/N: 0750130-44AWL

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Eligible Serial Numbers:

C-180 50356 - 51312

C-182 51557 - 53007

C-182 18253008 - 18253558

NOTES: This muffler Exhausts out the Co-Pilot Side of the Aircraft. It is essentially identical to the 0750130-9AWL muffler except for the tailpipe being mirrored(IE Carb Heat Is Small Chamber and Cabin Heat is Large). It has 2 chambers and uses air directly into the muffler via 2 scoops and hoses to the front cowling resulting in poor Cabin and Carb heat supply.

It is Strongly Recommended that STC SA00780NY Exhaust Kit be installed if more than one component is to be replaced in the exhaust or if the aircraft is going to receive a engine performance upgrade in the future.

If aircraft is SK180-24 Compliant, Muffler must be Special Ordered.