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February 13, 2020

Welding is a process that allows two materials to fuse together by melting and then cooling off, becoming a single uniform material. Metals and thermoplastics are the most commonly welded materials across various industries. Aerospace, Automotive, Aviation, Shipping, Construction and Infrastructure are some of the industries where welding plays an important role. In order to gain strong, durable and lasting products welding is perhaps the most used means of manufacturing. Creating an evident need to make sure all the welding related work is done with care and under the strictness of quality standards.

At Acorn Welding, we fully understand the need for high-quality welding. This is why we use strict quality control measures while we conduct our service. Acorn Welding believes that each completed weld must have the following qualifications:

Welding Bonds

Each part, machine or piece of equipment we weld has to be welded evenly and with a precision-based approach. The seam of the welded products must remain smooth in their entirety leaving no room for pockets or bumps. We make sure that bead ripples are evenly spaced, and their thickness must be uniform as well. This is the base workflow for each welding process we conduct.

Bonding Strength

As we weld, we tend to gain maximum strength in the bonding between two materials. Our specialist welders make sure to build up, with a slight convex, for providing the needed extra thickness for added strength at the joints.

Precision Based Application

Another important aspect that our specialist welders keep in mind is that our welds need to taper off evenly. This will make sure that both the materials are bonded with precision and uniformity. This way we are able to use our welded parts in the end products without any trouble at all. Most welding errors occur in this stage but thanks to our extensive experience, precision-based welding has become one of our prominent service qualities.

Perfected Fusion

While our welding experts are doing their work, they make sure there are zero oxides being formed at the base of the materials. Especially the areas that are closest to the welding bonds. This way we make sure our welded products and parts remain clear of any contamination providing extended utility for the consumer.

Uniform Smoothness

As we come near to finishing our welding projects, we make sure there are no signs of projecting globules, blowholes, or porosity. This way we make sure that there are no leaks and micro spaces which can be dangerous especially in aerospace and aviation products.


Finally, our welding experts make sure that our base materials have no symptoms of burns, distortions or cracks in the finished product. We make sure that all our welding projects have these basic quality standards followed with utmost care and priority. Afterall, we promise high-quality welding services and anything less would not be acceptable.

Acorn Welding is a globally renowned welding service and aircraft parts provider. Visit our website to learn more about us or call us for personalized service.