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January 14, 2021

An aircraft's metal components can get damaged over the years and over the number of flights an aircraft takes. There can be several causes of this damage. This blog describes some causes of damage and how they affect the aircraft's condition and integrity of its components.

Age Of The Aircraft

The first cause of damage to the aircrafts components is the aircraft's age. Even if the aircraft owner has taken good care of it throughout, age is a factor that no one can elude. Every metal and substance ages with time. Over time these parts lose their strength. The weakening structure of the aircraft causes damage to other components of the aircraft as well.

The increasing age of the aircraft requires more care and perfection to ensure that the aircraft flies safely.

Catching Rust

When the metal catches rust, it becomes weak and fragile. Rust is a factor that needs extra care and protection. The aircraft maintenance crew must apply the appropriate procedures and inspect the aircraft thoroughly to ensure there is no rust. As soon as the metal starts to rust, it must get repaired.

This is usually the case with the old, vintage aircraft and seaplanes. Seaplanes have regular contact with water and therefore are more prone to catching rust.


The negligence of aviation welding technicians or fleet managers can damage the aircraft over time. If they neglect small defects, it can grow into something severe and cost a lot more.

In situations where an aircraft owner or the maintenance crew ignores a specific part or component of their aircraft it quickly becomes a source of trouble for them.

Improper Inspection

A thorough and proper inspection of every metal component of an aircraft ensures that it will remain safe from any damage in the future. If the maintenance crew leaves spots unchecked, it may become a cause of damage. If they are not 100 percent sure of the aircraft's perfect condition, they leave chances that something will go wrong with the aircraft sooner or later.

The inspection needs to be 100 percent reliable and give dependable results. Ensuring that there is no risk to the aircraft, the pilot, owner, and its passengers. Only the professional and most reliable aviation welding experts will ensure proper inspection of a plane.

Pilot's Error

Another cause of damage to the aircraft is an error by the pilot. An accident such as hitting a tree while landing or taking off can damage the aircraft's wings or any other part. Moreover, a rough landing or an emergency landing can damage the landing gear, engine mount, and aircraft's fuselage.

There are many types of errors a pilot can make during flight or even after landing safely. A huge responsibility lies on the pilot's shoulder to keep the aircraft safe from wear and tear. Most damage caused due to a pilot's mistake is adverse and more serious.

Suppose you are concerned about keeping your aircraft safe from damage. Consequently, you will need to hire the services of the most reliable and well-reputed aviation welding company near you. When it comes to keeping your aircraft in perfect flying condition and free of all sorts of damage, you need not compromise on anything.

Acorn Welding is a professional aviation welding company that ensures that your aircraft undergoes perfect implementation of preflight and post-flight inspections. We ensure that your entire aircraft is fully assessed. To get in touch with us, click here.