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December 17, 2020

An aviation welding expert must have strong and capable hands to execute their welding jobs with precision and a strong mind. The mindset of professional welding expert enables them to prevent mistakes and errors and help them achieve perfection.

A true professional must decide when to listen to their mind and when to do what the situation demands.

There Is No Defect

This must not come into a professional welding experts' mind even if they have inspected and repaired the aircraft just one day ago. Every time the aircraft needs to go midair, a thorough inspection and repair is mandatory to ensure the aircraft's and passengers’ safety.

The Crack Isn't Big Enough

An inexperienced welding technician may find a crack during inspection in an aircraft's component and not take it seriously. This is another mind game they can't afford to be a victim of. During flight, even the slightest of cracks can become big enough to prove fatal. There is no margin of error whatsoever in this regard for aviation welding experts.

This Welding Method Might Work

Inexperienced welding technicians may base their decisions of selecting the right welding method merely on a guess. This is a hazardous proposition and the right welding technique should be the only one applied.

Every decision, especially when selecting the most appropriate welding method, must be taken after a thorough analysis and assessment of the situation. It’s important that your welding experts have a sound knowledge of all the methods and their use cases.

Nothing Is Going To Happen

The mind of a welding technician might say nothing is going to happen, even after identifying a defect or a possible defect. This mindset is also very wrong and dangerous. They must take the appropriate actions in time to avoid consequences.

Will Do It Tomorrow

Although it might sound like a general SOP for every professional, it has its value in the aviation welding world. A crack, bulge, or a leak left to due tomorrow can have serious consequences.

Immediate actions can save lives and also the cost of an aircraft.

Perfection Is Not Attainable

If the mind of a welding expert is saying to him that it is impossible to be perfect, he is heading in the wrong direction. A real professional welding professional is one who strives to be inch-perfect in every welding joint he welds.

When dealing with an aircraft's metal surfaces and components, they need to be sure there are no defects. Due to the extensive pressure and load, defects can quickly turn into a source of disaster.

Not A Chance To Commit A Mistake

Despite their experience and the error-free record, there is no guarantee that someone would never commit a mistake in his professional career. One has to be highly vigilant every time he performs a welding job.

Every day is a new day, and any one of these can be your bad day.

Not becoming a victim to these mind games is very significant. It guarantees the success and longevity of a welding technician's career.

At Acorn Welding we ensure that our staff is kept up to date by providing them with adequate training, refreshers, and guidelines so that they can strive to perform at their best and achieve excellence in what they do. To get in touch with us, click here.