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March 03, 2020

The exhaust system of an aircraft is among its most crucial components, which guarantees the safety of the aircraft as well as the passengers and the environment. Likewise, if an aircraft has a defective exhaust system there are serious risks involved for the passengers, atmosphere and aircraft itself. Aviation engineers, for this reason, make sure that the aircraft exhaust system is regularly monitored, maintained and repaired when needed. Acorn Welding understands the importance of having a perfectly working aircraft exhaust system, therefore, you must know the risks if you have a defective exhaust system in your aircraft.

Fuel Wastage

The most common risk or danger associated with a damaged or inefficient exhaust system is the fuel wastage. An aircraft has to manage its fuel consumption on an acute level. If its exhaust system is not working in perfect condition, the fuel combustion process is affected. When an aircraft loses its fuel efficiency it will be difficult to keep a standard flight time. If this issue occurs in a commercial aircraft, the fuel cost will increase extensively. An inefficient fuel combustion process also triggers other dangerous activities in the aircraft like releasing harmful gasses in the atmosphere.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is the byproduct of an inefficient fuel combustion process. It’s a deadly gas, which is very difficult to detect, as it has no odour or colour. Carbon Monoxide is very harmful to the atmosphere as well and the international aviation standards make it necessary that all aircraft are tested for this gas release rate before the flight. If the aircraft releases more gas than that standard maximum, then the plane will not be allowed to fly. This restriction of flight can be very costly for commercial aircraft as the business will have to suffer downtime and expensive maintenance and detection costs as well.

Fire Hazards

A damaged exhaust system is prone to fire hazards, the incomplete fuel combustion process throws particles of unburnt fuel through the hot exhaust pipes which is a potential hazard. There are instances where aircraft have suffered a lot due to a damaged exhaust pipe alone, in this sense, if the exhaust system is damaged the risk is simply amplified.

Inefficient Engine Performance

An aircraft exhaust system is responsible for maintaining its engine performance, and this means that from the starting point to the ending point the exhaust system is fully connected and regulating the torque and thrust. In this sense, if the exhaust system is compromised the engine performance cannot be gauged properly and any inefficiency can lead to more serious problems as well.

Engine Backfire

Another issue that can turn into a potential hazard is a backfiring engine. The exhaust system is responsible for a smooth flow of the heat, fumes, and the gasses that are released after fuel combustion. When the engine backfires, the force of the thrust is reversed as well. This can be dangerous especially when the aircraft is flying. The engine backfire issues can also result in the break down of the engine itself which can be a catastrophic issue for the passengers and the aircraft combined.

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