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October 05, 2020

Every aircraft owner and aviation expert knows the importance of an aircraft's exhaust system. It is a crucial element in an airplane responsible for affecting the engine's performance and determining the flight's safety. Since the part is continuously exposed to extremely high temperatures, it is often subjected to corrosion and deterioration. Thus, aircraft owners often have to decide to replace the old exhaust system with a new one.

However, contrary to a simpler automobile exhaust welder, knowing what to look for in an aircraft exhaust manufacturer is quite tricky. There are many important factors to consider before finally deciding on the best welder. These factors can range from quality standards and testing methods to the aircraft manufacturing capabilities of the company.

Here are various key factors to keep in mind while determining the best aviation exhaust welder and manufacturer.


Experience matters in every industry, but it is specifically vital in the aviation industry. Aviation welders with decades of experience in the industry are going to be way more specific, knowledgeable and reliable in producing high-quality exhaust parts. Their expertise will dictate how much they know about manufacturing and help them navigate through the problems like; What will work well for an aircraft's optimal performance and, most importantly, what will not.

Every aviation welder at Acorn welding has over 20 years of experience in Aerospace manufacturing and is certified to the AWS D17.1 Aerospace Welding Standards. This means that acorn welding has 100 years of combined experience in manufacturing and overhauling aircraft exhaust parts. As technology advances, our product manufacturing team's experience is preserved and passed on to new welders.


During aircraft exhaust system manufacturing, it is essential to ensure quality at every stage. The use of high-end materials and processes during the exhaust system's construction is critical to its durability and optimal performance.

Acorn Welding uses high-quality welding materials and is always striving to improve its quality. At Acorn Welding, we have a team of qualified personnel who monitor all exhaust parts manufacturing and repairs with a Transport Canada approved quality control program every step of the way. With experienced welders certified to the AWS D17.1:2017 and AWS D17.2:2019 Standards, your exhaust system passes through a process that ensures quality and reduces the number of weld rejects.

Testing And Inspection

Any failure to the aircraft's exhaust system can lead to fatal consequences, thereby making testing and inspecting procedures highly necessary. A quality welder should be approved by concerned organizations to carry out testing and inspection of the final product and provide expert support during installation and maintenance.

Acorn welding is authorized by TCCA to carry out NDT or non-destructive testing to inspect various aeronautical products, including aircraft exhaust systems.

Quality Standards

Any aviation welder must take the manufacturing, repairing, and inspecting processes seriously and should have quality assurance certificates to show it.

Acorn Welding is a TCCA (Transport Canada Civil Aviation) approved maintenance and manufacturing organization. It is also one of the very few EASA approved Welding Facilities. By following the standards set by these reputable organizations, Acorn Welding is committed to providing a high-quality exhaust engine and parts with excellent craftsmanship and airworthiness.

About Acorn Welding

Acorn Welding is the world's largest manufacturer of radial exhaust in the world. We not only rebuild and repair old exhausts; we also manufacture new exhausts for various aircraft. Visit our website to explore our exhaust system catalogue or contact us for personalized service.