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November 30, 2020

Float kits are not just another body part of a seaplane. Float kits play an important role in landing gear and are also pivotal for steering and handling the seaplane on the water's surface. If there are any defects in the float kits, it can result in a disaster. Seaplanes are equally vulnerable to accidents and crashes as aircrafts in the case of a defective welding job.

The Seaplane Can Sink

If the aviation welding technicians leave a crack or small hole unnoticed or don't weld it properly, it may reopen. Consequently, the float kit will fill with water and can sink the seaplane. It will be a disaster for the plane and the people inside. Not to mention the financial loss and repair it will cost if the plane is able to be recovered somehow.

Faulty Rudder Compromises Steering

Every float kit comes with a rudder that helps the pilot steer the plane. If the welding procedures were not precise and accurate, the pilot will not be able to steer properly.

A dysfunctional rudder can result in accidents due to inaccurate steering. A seaplane with a rudder that does not work correctly can hit a rock, boat, or any other obstacle in its way due to the lack of steering.

Uneven Float Kits

An improper welding job will result in the float kits being uneven. This unevenness results in the plane being shaky and turbulent when floating on the water. The pilot and the passengers can't achieve the comfort and steadiness of the experience. If the plane is at high speed with this unevenness, it can also flip the plane upside down. This is why it is critical to install your float kits on your seaplane correctly.

Vibrations In The Joints

An inaccurate and imprecise welding process can result in vibrating welding joints. Such vibration disturbs the flight of the plane. It also threatens the reopening of these joints, which can be dangerous.

A vibration in any part of a seaplane can also result in damage to other components. It can act as a trickle-down effect. The durability of the plane overall will face a challenge. This is why the precision and accuracy of welding a float kit is crucial to the life of a seaplane.

Forces You To Reduce Speed

The inaccurate welding of a float kit will force the pilot to reduce their speed on the water.

It will require more time to reach a destination, and everything depending on the timely arrival, will also face a delay. There will be a decrease in the flight's efficiency and the tasks related to it.

Perfect Float Kits Are Inevitable

Float kits are no luxury for seaplanes but an integral part of the aircraft. Ensuring that your float kits have no defects is critical. It is the float kits that enable the plane to float on water. You must ensure that your aviation welding technicians provide an accurate and defectless welding job of your float kits. This will result in the safety and proper functioning of your seaplane, especially while floating on the water.

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