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P/N: 0750238-210AWL

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Collector C-180/182/185/188


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Eligible Serial Numbers:
180G - 180H 18051313 Thru 18052273(STOCK INSTALL)
182G 18255059 Thru 18256684(STOCK INSTALL)
182G - 182J 18256685 Thru 18257608(STOCK INSTALL)^
185 - 185E/A185E 0001 Thru 2068(STOCK INSTALL)
188/188A/188B 18801001 Thru 18801045(STOCK INSTALL)**

NOTE: This exhaust stack is 15.5" Tall and has a center slip riser PN 0750238-5AWL. This exhaust stack lacks reinforcement doublers at the engine attach flanges. Installation of the correct stack is critical to clear the intake air duct on aircraft. On aircraft SN 18256685 thru 18257608 both exhaust stacks must be changed to 0750238-20AWL or 10182-049-1 shroud must be used or there will be contact between the muffler shroud and the intake duct(Refer to Cessna SL67-37). On Aircraft 18051313 - 18051551 and 18255059 - 18256329 you will either need to procure 0750225-1/-2 clamps to mount 0750607-4/-5 Carb heat shrouds or install SK182-78.
NOTE: This exhaust stack is designed for use on the O-470 Series engines only. Using it on IO-520, IO-550 or up-rated engines by STC will reduce the service life of the exhaust stack and may cause it to crack.

*Contact Acorn Welding For Details
^See SL67-37
**See Aircraft Parts Catalogue for Limitations