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P/N: 0750238-5AWL

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Riser Assy C-180/182/185


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Eligible Serial Numbers:
180 30000 Thru 32151 (VIA SA00780NY KIT & SA01664AT MOUNT)*
180 32151 Thru 32999(VIA SA00780NY KIT)
180 50001 Thru 51312(VIA SA00780NY KIT)
180G - 180K 18051313 Thru 18053203 (STOCK INSTALL)
182 - 182A 33000 Thru 34999(VIA SA00780NY KIT)
182A - 182F 51001 Thru 18255058(VIA SA00780NY KIT)
182F - 182R 18255059 Thru 18268586(STOCK INSTALL)
188 Series 18800001 Thru 18803973(STOCK INSTALL)
185 Series 18500001 Thru 18504448(STOCK INSTALL)

NOTE: This exhaust stack center slip riser is designed to fit the 0750238-20AWL/-210AWL/-47AWL exhaust stacks. It will also work with other Cessna 0750238-XX series exhaust stacks. It should be replaced when purchasing a new stack. When installing this on aircraft equipped with a engine monitor that measures EGT, it is important to ensure that the probe is not installed in a way that restricts movement of the slip riser.