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P/N: 0750161-87A

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Shroud C-180/182/185(Pre-Modified for C-1851D)


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USD 385.00

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This is a Pre-Modified shroud for use with C-1851D Series mufflers 

Eligible Serial Numbers(Stock Instaled shrouds):
C-180 51313 Thru 53203
C-182 18260446-18268586
C-185 185-0001 - 185-4448

Eligible Serial Numbers(SA97-33/SA00780NY):
C-180 32151 Thru 32999
C-180 50001 Thru 51312
C-182 33000 Thru 34999
C-182 51001 Thru 53007
C-182 18253008-18253558(Typical)
C-182 18253559-18260445(With Alternate Baffling-From Under Oil Cooler PN 0750149-1)

Note: You can order a Unmodified shroud for use with Seaplanes West Engine mounts or for use with non-STC mufflers under 0750161-87AWL