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Aerocet® Model 3500L Straight Floats

Aerocet® 3500L series floats offer unmatched performance in the straight float category. With hundreds of sets in the air, we have proven to be the strongest contender in the market.

The 3500L’s are both structurally and hydrodynamically advanced, and with a rivet free construction, we continue to be the best looking.

Strength and beauty come together to form a wonderful package and a straight choice.

P/N: Aerocet 3500L Kit

Availability: Special Order
Aerocet 3500L Kit


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USD 44,000.00

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Performance Composites

  • By far the most technically advanced floats in the history of aviation
  • Proven to be the most useful load in the industry.
  • Infusion composite construction process allows these larger floats to weigh in at less than smaller floats that have less displacement.
  • Extra flotation and no extra weight or speed penalty, for increased safety at gross weight.
  • Clean floats and aerodynamic rigging gives a cruise speed increase over other designs.
  • The most forgiving floats for novice and pro alike.
  • Very slippery – minimal sensation of acceleration is felt after leaving the water.
  • Getting on the step is reached very quickly to get you off the water and into the air fast.

Smart Design

  • Double-fluted design delivers superior strength to weight ratings.
  • Molded-in boarding steps.
  • Sharp edges for reduced drag and increased hydrodynamics.
  • Best design for performance in both rough water and smooth water conditions.

Built to Last

  • No corrosion like with aluminum based floats.
  • No rivets, means no rivet leaks.
  • Common aerospace carbon fiber and simple easy-to-use vinyl ester resin.
  • Non-sandwich bottom skin, makes any field repair an easy process.
  • High impact sandwich core used on top and sides adds durability and strength


  • Six Watertight Compartments
  • One more compartment than most.
  • No large holes for rudder controls (prevents flooding).
  • Large access panels with integrated preflight pumpouts that use all stainless hardware.
  • Storage locker built into center compartment with super large access door and optional floorboards for flat storage.


  • Stout attach fittings for “up gross” strength
  • A mechanics delight for installation, a simple and complete kit
  • All fittings swaged to fit
  • Extensive use of anticorrosive 300 stainless steel throughout

Hull Protection

  • Aluminum keel wear strip that is rugged and easily replaced.
  • Special aluminum chine rub strip designed to resist constant abrasion and provides another seam overlap.

Spreader Bar

  • New extrusion design with internal shear web.
  • Impervious to crushing under forklift and clamping loads.
  • Simple, high strength, lightweight spreader bar socket with integral grease fittings.

Water Rudders/Steering

  • Simple external rigging
  • Utilizes large stainless tiller posts
  • No rubber seals to crack and leak
  • No deck cables and turnbuckles to trip on
  • Maximum maneuverability with large rudders
  • Very positive steering-effective for rivers and wind