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This Is Experience.

Your engine mounts are one of the higher stressed parts of your aircraft and for this reason, you should only allow qualified and experienced hands to service it. Here at Acorn, the process starts with the engine mounts being media blasted so that every area of concern is revealed, then on to our experienced QC department. All discrepancies are noted and recorded and the customer is notified of the repair costs. Tubes are replaced, not patched.

We repair over 800 engine mounts and other tubular structures per year.


This Is Quality Service.

All welding occurs in rigid welding fixtures to assure proper alignment. Welding is performed to AWS D17.1 Aerospace Welding standards by our experienced welders with an engineer-approved process. The engine mounts then move on to our in-house NDT department for magnetic particle crack inspection.

Hundreds of engine mounts are in stock.


This Is Satisfied Customers

The mounts are then painted light gray (for ease of crack detection) and internal corrosion protected. Of course, other colors are no problem. Finally, it's shipped back to you for a perfect fit. Turbo mounts, turbo struts, seat bases, seat backs, torque tubes, struts, home built engine mounts, no matter what kind of tubular structure you have they all go through the same quality process.

Engine mounts are received and shipped daily.