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July 23, 2020

Aircraft maintenance is one of the most critical aspects of the aviation industry as it helps ensure everyone's safety on the plane. The expert aircraft technicians who offer various services like airplane conservation and repair must have sufficient experience and knowledge about their work, including tools used during the aircraft maintenance process.

It's worth mentioning here that the aircraft preservation procedure not only requires knowledge, experience, and training, but also uses the most advanced maintenance tools. Aviation mechanics must have access to some of the most advanced aviation equipment to perform high-quality repair and maintenance work.

The following are the five essential pieces of equipment used in aircraft maintenance:

Speed Handle

A speed handle is one of the essential tools utilized in aircraft maintenance - it's a long screwdriver with an offset shaft in the middle. This crucial equipment tool can be used as a handle that airplane technicians spin at a rapid pace using one hand while utilizing the other hand as leverage or handling other repairs.

This highly important tool can effectively be utilized, mainly when repairing a high-end aircraft engine having thousands of screws. Last but not least, you can also equip speed handles with sockets to tighten or loosen a nut or bolt.

Torque Wrench

The majority of the fasteners and screws present on an aircraft are required to be installed to a specified torque or tightness. Nonetheless, not many of the available spanners for tightening a nut or bolt are useful enough in fastening different screws. The best way of fixing a screw, nut, or bolt effectively to an appropriate torque is by utilizing a calibrated torque wrench.

Most of the available torque wrenches are designed to easily be set at numerous torque amounts, making them highly reliable tools in aircraft repair and maintenance. Once you've tightened the torque wrench to the required torque, the wrench will click to let you know that the desired torque has been achieved.

Safety Wire Pliers

Although much effort goes into making sure that aircraft fasteners get torqued to desired specifications, you should also ensure that nuts and bolts don't become loose during any time of maintenance. Safety wire pliers can be utilized to spin aluminum wire strands into a strong braid used to tie bolts and nuts together. Any loosening of a fastener would increase the strand's toughness to prevent any further unlatching.

Vibration Meter

Vibration analysis in an aircraft is significantly vital in making sure that the plane is secure while in the air. A vibration meter helps measure vibration levels on an airplane - it gives measurements in kilograms and indicates maximum vibration that an aircraft can withstand.

A vibration meter helps pilots understand the magnitude of vibrations on the plane so that they can respond accordingly and maintain the aircraft's safety and integrity. An airplane that doesn't have a vibration meter is more likely to undergo rotor blade issues and other problems related to aircraft's structural integrity.

Metalworking Tools

Airframe mechanics have the primary job of repairing and maintaining the aircraft's metal structures. For this reason, mechanical repair engineers need to have access to metalworking tools at all times. The majority of such equipment are utilized in fastening, cutting, and bending metal works.

Some of the most common metalworking tools include drills and rivet guns, which are usually used for installing rivets that are vital to holding basic structures of the airplane together.

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